New Season of Reedley College Tigers Baseball Begins With New Coach

Jan 22, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Education, Reedley News, Sports

by Sean Stephens

Head Baseball Coach Steve Pearse came to Reedley College in June 2010. He brought a legacy of successful playing and coaching with him and has already started molding the Reedley College baseball team.

Steve Pearse

Coach Pearse comes to Reedley College from UCLA, where he served as an assistant coach for two years. Prior to that, he coached for University of The Pacific, Long Beach State, and ten seasons at Fresno State. He was a Fresno Bulldog in 1987-88, where he helped his team make it to the College World Series. That year, the Bulldogs won 45 out of 47 games and had a 32 game winning streak. He also played with the Montreal Expos 1988-1989.

One of the many new things that Pearse has brought to Reedley College is a Bullpen (booster) Club. After only a month and a half, the club boasts 100 members. There are different levels of membership relative to the size of the financial gift. A booster can earn a “Single” with a $25.00 donation, a “Double” with $50.00, a “Triple” with $100.00, and a “Home Run” with $250.00. The top-level membership is the “Grand Slam” and is earned with a $500.00 donation. Fans under 13 are also encouraged to participate with a Junior Bullpen Club Membership for only $10.00.

All proceeds go to help improve the field, purchase equipment, and resources for students and athletes. Prospective members can find application materials at the team website, which includes information about coaches and players, the schedule, and prospects.

The Bullpen Club’s goal is to become the largest and strongest Junior College Baseball Booster club in California.

The Reedley College Baseball team will play its first game on February 5 against DeAnza at the Modesto Junior College Tournament. Their first home game is on February 10 against Hartnell. Most games are played during daytime hours, but Coach Pearse says there are some night games planned this season.

In addition to night games, he also likes to have games on Saturday so there are several home games set for weekends. The combination of weekend and evening games will make Tiger Baseball more accessible to the community, improving attendance in the process.

Watch for more articles on the Tiger Baseball season here at Kings River Life this season.

Sean Stephens holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s of Business Administration and is currently teaching at Reedley College. He lives in Reedley with his wife, Amanda.


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