Consumption: A Short Story

Jan 2, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Terrific Tales

by Maggie-beth Rees

Enjoy this fun little never before published short story.

“To be consumed by our overlords is our heart’s desire,” said the teacher. “It is not an easy path, nor is it painless. Especially not painless.

“Some are never chosen at all. In their shame, they will lie forgotten in the dirt, slowly dying as the sun beats down upon them.

“Even the chosen ones will know pain.

“They will be hurled into a small place, crammed together, unable to move. Eventually they will be freed, but only momentarily.

“Most will be taken from that bondage and thrown into a cold, dark place for many days, surrounded by those not of their kind, unable to communicate. Once removed from the dark and taken into the light, their journey truly begins.

“Some will be slashed to ribbons.

“Some will be burned with a heat that passes all

“Some will be steamed over waters that roil and cause agony.

“Some will be smashed beyond recognition.

“Some will be thrown upon hot coals, to writhe with no relief.

“But even worse than any of these torments are the torments of the many that are chosen, then ignored; left in that dark, cold place, denied consumption. Days, even weeks later, now considered too old, they will be shoved into the jaws of death with no one to mark their passing.

“Only the few and the beautiful will have a lovely bed, covered in soft material, where they will rest until their overlord is ready.

“It is a hard but glorious life for we who live to be consumed by our overlords,” the teacher concluded solemnly.broccoli

“Hey! I didn’t sign up for this!” cried Broccoli, as his slightly-yellowed crowns were shoved into the disposal.

“But I did!” crooned the still-beautiful but clueless Cherimoya, as she nestled down further into her nice, cushioned chamber, lulled to sleep by the sound of something being crushed.

Maggie-beth Rees is a setter and solver of British-style cryptic crosswords, an editor, a blogger, and an avid reader. She is also an amateur photographer, a mixed-media artist and beginning watercolorist who enjoys making paper, designing cards, quilting and embroidery. Maggie-beth lives in Phoenix with her husband, two puppies and a crotchety old cat (made even more crotchety by the presence of the two puppies.) Her blog can be found here:


  1. This is a creatively written, timely, and very clever short story. I would love to see more from the author. Bravo Ms. Rees!


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