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by Jim Bulls

I became a Reedleyite in 1947 and I was in for a culture shock the first time I went out in Aunt Geneva’s backyard to play with the neighborhood kids. The countries represented included Mexico, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Armenia, Lebanon, Japan, and Korea, to name a few! John Steinbeck introduced California to the new immigrants called “Okies” of which I was one, wearing high top shoes and overalls. But the games we played were all the same: kick the can, statue, or mother may I. My first friend was a Portuguese kid named Danny Enos, who lived down the street. We would usually meet at Ayubes Market for a coke or ice cream.

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by James Garcia Jr.

Saturday, March 19, 2011, the Kingsburg Gun Club is teaming up with the Kingsburg Cancer Volunteers for a fundraiser which will benefit both the Volunteer organization as well as the Craycroft Cancer Center at Valley Children’s Hospital.


by James Garcia Jr.

According to The Humane Society of the United States, about every four seconds one of four million cats and dogs are put down in U.S. shelters. One Kingsburg woman has made it her life’s work to see that something is done about this sad fact.


Social Capital


FROM THE 2010 Articles,

by Rocky Rogers

Have you ever heard the term ‘social capital’? It’s not something the typical citizen would use in a conversation, that’s for sure. You most likely have heard the terms volunteer, civic duty, social events, and visitation used at some point. Social capital captures those ideas…

Pursuing Peace


FROM THE 2010 Articles,
andHelping Hands,
andLorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

As we celebrate Independence Day, a day made possible through war, it seems appropriate to look at the other side of war: peace. There has always been opposition to war for various reasons, and I think most people truly wish for peace in this world. Sadly, human nature seems to prevent that from happening but…


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Love INC is a national organization with local chapters that help those in need within a community. Their mission is to mobilize the Church to transform lives…

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