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All articles published in 2011

by Gail Farrelly

They say New Year’s Eve in New York is special. Well, this one was, that’s for sure. At least for me.
I stare down at the stained blue rug. The corpse has been wheeled out to the mortuary van, but the chalk outline of the literary critic’s tortured body remains as a creepy reminder for me and the other ten members of my writing club. The clock is striking twelve; the New Year has begun. But still — I can’t take my eyes off that outline.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Being one of the few people on the planet who has not read the book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I can’t attest to the movie version’s accurateness to the book so I can only base this review on the movie itself—which was intense and very well done.


Staff’s Favorite Christmas Movies

IN THE December 24 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andBooks & Tales,

by KRL staff

In case you’re looking for a fun Christmas movie to watch this Christmas weekend, here are some suggestions from our staff as they share their favorite Christmas movies! We here at KRL would like to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas!


by Joyce Brandon

The Grinch is a fictional character created by author Dr. Seuss in 1957. This funny looking green goblin was featured in the children’s book How the Grinch Stole Christmas and has become a symbol for anti-holiday sentiments and also is used to describe someone with an unforgiving and greedy attitude. Oddly enough, even the Grinch had a dog. His only companion is Max, a Coonhound who stands faithfully by his master.


Betty Boop: A Canine Christmas Miracle by Kelly Preston

IN THE December 24 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,

by Kelly Preston

Betty Boop is my ten-year-old designer breed/mutt, who came to me with severe neurological disorders. When I drove to Anaheim to pick up Betty Boop, I knew she was a special-needs dog. I also knew that I could help. I was determined to improve the quality of her health and her life with good nutrition and positive thinking. But I was unaware of her blindness, unaware of the seizures to come, unaware of the water on her brain, the necessary medicines, and ultimately the amount of care this tiny puppy would require. I was also unaware of the qualities I would soon discover in myself, qualities that Betty Boop would help reveal.

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by Deborah Harter Williams

The original Hawaii Five-O, which ran from 1968 until 1980, was the longest running crime show on American television until it was passed by Law & Order. And now it’s back.


by Dennis Palumbo

Players is a mystery short story by mystery author Dennis Palumbo. This story is PG rated for some language and was originally published in From Crime to Crime (Tallfellow Press), a short story anthology.


by Terrance V. Mc Arthur

One of the first children’s novels I read when I was eight years old was Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. At that age, I thought it was a neat story about a horse. I did not know that it was not meant as a children’s book about a horse, but as a Victorian plea for the humane treatment of horses and humans. Generations read and cried over that book.


The Art Of Sulking

IN THE December 24 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andDiana Hockley,
andRodent Ramblings,
andTerrific Tales

by Diana Hockley

I rarely sulk, but when given to do so, it is necessary to make sure that it is done everywhere.
The lounge room is a good place if there is anyone else at home, as those in the house can’t miss what is going on. The loo is an excellent place to sulk, but only if my husband Andrew, the two cats and our four pet rats all know that I am in there expressly for the purpose of sulking.


The Walls of Bitterness

IN THE December 24 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andChristopher Lewis,
andMinistry Musings

by Christopher Lewis

I was reading over people’s statuses on Facebook lately and was amazed at how much hate and bitterness I saw. I read statements by conservatives expressing their disdain of liberals, statements by liberals expressing their disapproval of conservatives, statements by independents claiming the moral ground over both parties, Christians talking down on non-Christians, non-Christians talking down on Christians, and the list goes on…


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