Westie Rescue of Austin Texas

McKenzie and Lucas Find a Miracle

by Lee Juslin

McKenzie and Lucas, Westie brother and sister, were living a pretty nice life with an older lady. Despite being legally blind, she doted on her two Westie kids, playing with them and taking them on walks to the park. Then, disaster struck when mom fell and broke both ankles. Cathy, the daughter, loved the two Westies, but couldn’t take them because she had cats and the Westie siblings, despite loving people, were cat aggressive. Fortunately, Cathy did the right thing and called Westie Rescue.

Westie Puppy Gets Two New Moms for the Holidays

by Lee Juslin

When the little Westie puppy came to live with an older woman, he was a happy boy but a handful. His new mom realized quite quickly that she could not provide the best home for him, especially living in senior housing and on the second floor. With some health problems, she simply couldn’t go up and down the stairs as often as the little puppy would need, so she called Westie Rescue of Austin Texas and asked them to find him a good home.