Terriers Rule in Hospital Therapy Program

by Lee Juslin

Darlene had worked as a surgical scrub nurse in a VA hospital for many years and also had taught Special Ed. She made her dogs a part of her work even when she had to sneak them in. I saw what a difference a dog can make with a child struggling with physical and emotional issues, she said.

Life with McDuff: Lessons Learned From A Therapy Dog By Judy McFadden: Review/Giveaway

by Lee Juslin

McDuff is a Scottish Terrier who came to the author, Judy McFadden, as a puppy. There is nothing as cute as a Scottie puppy; all head, eyes dancing with mischief, they steal hearts in an instant. The book chronicles McDuff’s the road from puppyhood to becoming a certified therapy dog, a path that is not common for Scotties, with a lot of emphasis along the way on the author’s personal struggles.