Teacup Turbulence

Teacup Turbulence: A Pet Rescue Mystery By Linda O. Johnston

by Cynthia Chow

As the director of administration for the pet rescue shelter HotRescues, Lauren Vancouver would normally have reveled in the success of her chief benefactor, Dante DeFrancisco’s advertising campaign, promoting a new line of bejeweled pet collars. However, the ads featuring adorable Yorkies and other teacup pooches donning the HotPets Bling line have created a fad demand for the puppies and caused HotRescues to run low on their supply of adoptable tiny pups.

Saving Pets By Relocating Them

by Linda O. Johnston

As you may know if you have read any of my Pet Rescue Mysteries from Berkley Prime Crime, each has focused on a particular theme involving animal rescues. My intent is to entertain readers with a fun cozy mystery, but I also hope that I can inform them about a different aspect of rescues that they may not be familiar with.



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