Sunshine State Westie Rescue

Two Shy Westies Need a Loving Home

by Lee Juslin

Ziggy and Elly are two-year-old Westies, sisters from the same litter. They are a bonded pair that came to Sunshine State Westie Rescue (SSWR) in Florida as owner turn-ins. Due to family issues, the owner felt she didn’t have enough time to spend with these girls. Because they are a bonded pair, SSWR wants to place them together. They need a single person, couple, or family that has patience and is willing to finish the Westies’ training and socialization as both are quite shy.

A Sweet Westie Duo

by Lee Juslin

Daisy at nine and Charlie at six were owner turn-ins from the same home, though they are not related. The owner felt with family and work demands she could not give them enough attention, so she did the right thing and contacted Sunshine State Westie Rescue (SSWR).

Rescue’s Sanctuary Dogs Need Help

by Lee Juslin

Sophia and Spencer, two senior Westies, had spent their lives since puppy-hood in a stable home with a caring owner. Then, their world was turned upside down.
The Westies’ owner had gone on vacation leaving the pups with a responsible pet sitter. Unfortunately, the owner was killed in a freak accident, and, with no one in the family able to take the Westies, the sitter called Sunshine State Westie Rescue (SSWR) who then took both dogs.

Shelby the Hand Jiving Westie

by Lee Juslin

Shelby was an owner surrender to Sunshine State Westie Rescue (SSWR), a relatively new rescue organization in Florida.At eight years old, Shelby had a number of medical issues including a severe yeast infection (Malassezie Dermatitis), an associated ear infection and an eye infection. Plus, she felt so bad, she showed no energy or interest in anything, but, most shockingly, Shelby was a certified therapy dog. The owner’s story was that she had broken her arm and could no longer take care of Shelby.