Pearls and Diamonds: Fresno girl shares her feelings after the Newtown shooting through a story

by Miranda Lara

My hand was trembling in a spasm. My pencil was shaking side to side and my eyes focused on the lined piece of paper. “One Day,” it read. One day, what? One day I could become a hot pop star singing in New York Square on New Year’s Eve, paparazzi crying to get a shot of me and fans bursting with tears when they find out my concert is sold out from the last bar ticket.

Interview With Outstanding RHS Student Joyce Funda

by Amanda Hager

Joyce Funda a junior at RHS and the smartest person I know. She said in our interview that if she could change her past she would have joined more clubs and sports earlier in high school. I laughed because I think she is involved with enough already! But that is Joyce for you, she never gives up, she is constantly involved and nothing is too big or too hard for her. She is an academic inspiration and I can't wait to see what she does later in life.