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Jay’s March 2021 Video Game News

by Jayce Ham

Playstations 5 and Xboxes One X/S continue to be hard to acquire, despite the consoles now being out for nearly five months. However, just a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to snag one for myself. It was a stressful and taxing journey, however, which brings me to my point. Why are these consoles so hard to acquire? The answer is the pandemic.

Jessica’s June Video Game News

by Jessica Ham

E3 happened just two weeks ago, but it has given me time to reflect on the video game announcements made at the press conferences. Unfortunately, as excited as I was for E3 this year, it was a pretty big disappointment. This was not that much of a surprise since Sony, who usually steals the show, was not there this year. Many called it the most boring E3 in years. Still, some exciting games were announced.