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Winston Churchill’s Renegade Spy

IN THE August 12 ISSUE

FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by Steve Haberman

World War II ended seventy-five years ago, yet it still grips the American public. For way too long, decades in fact, fiction and non-fiction authors wrote mostly about men’s heroism during that period. Increasingly, however, women also have been celebrated for their cool-headed daring, cunning, and patriotism. I realized this recognition when researching my spy thriller, Winston Churchill’s Renegade Spy, a story that occurs during Britain’s darkest days in 1940. At that point, the United States still was isolationist.


by Jesus Ibarra

Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer star in this modern update of the 60s TV series as a CIA agent and KGB agent forced to work with each other at the height of the Cold War. The movie is very much a mismatched couple meets spy conventions, and it is highly entertaining. Yes almost everything in this movie you’ve seen before from the two differing personality types bickering, to the spy tropes, to the twist at the end, but it was all done with an eye for style and tongue in cheekness that makes it all instantly charming.

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by Cindy Chow

One needs to approach “Richard Castle’s” A Brewing Storm with a certain attitude. First, the author is a character on ABC’s hit detective television show, Castle, which is based on the premise that the celebrity author of somewhat cheesy best-selling action-spy novels has burnt out writing them and is looking for inspiration from the “real” NYPD homicide unit.


by Sandra Murphy

Writers come to the craft at all ages and stages of life. Dorothy Gilman began to write at age nine. At eleven, she entered a contest and won over writers aged ten through sixteen. In 2010, she won another award—the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

KRL had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing mystery/suspense author Thomas Caplan, reviewing his new book The Spy Who Jumped Off The Screen. There’s also a chance to win a copy of the book–details at the end of this post. Thomas actually went to school with President Bill Clinton and he wrote the forward for TPWJOTC! Learn more of Thomas in the following interview.


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