Mountain Communities SPCA: We matter

by Mar Preston

Years ago a small group of women in the Grapevine area of the Southern San Joaquin Valley gathered to see what they could do about the huge number of unwanted cats and dogs. Few resources existed. We were 65 miles far away from the Kern County seat, farther even from Ventura County, and beyond the curve of the earth from LA County.

An Extraordinary Moment of Faith: Another Animal Rescue Adventure

by Joyce Brandon

A recent discussion amongst friends focused on a story of faith in the Bible. The story featured a woman with a physical affliction, who, after failing to find relief through conventional means, grabbed the hem of Jesus’ robe and was healed. We were batting about thoughts and insights regarding the healing of this woman. I began to wonder: was this an extraordinary woman of faith or was this an ordinary woman who had an extraordinary moment of faith? Did she reject conventional wisdom which had failed her, for the unconventional? By now I’m sure you are asking yourself, “What does this have to do with animal rescue?” I’m getting there.