Shadows in Bloom

Rogue Reviews 2015

by Terrance Mc Arthur
Joshua Taylor,
& Lorie Lewis Ham

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews of Rogue shows! Check back daily! So far you can find here reviews for The Devil You Know, The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour, First Men of Promise Rocking the Rogue Part 3, If and When, The Road to High Street, Acts of Affordable Care, A One-Way Ticket to Crazy Town, Best Picture, How To Be Wicked, Ananka Belly Dancers: The Best of Oscar, Switch Back, Shadows in Bloom, Lonestar, Still Shopping For God, Animal Love, Flower Tome Companion, Breaking Bange, Play It Like Virgil, Beers About Songs, Ashes, Check Please, Dancing in the Mist, Fallen, Shame the Devil and Pass the Nails, Spencer/Morris Group, Greatest Hits: 2004-2014, Victory for the Recycled Virgin, Boxcar Figaro, A Girl’s Guide to War, and Rites of Passage, Belly Dance Coalition of the San Joaquin Valley.

Shadows in Bloom is for Golden Hearts & Green Thumbs at Rogue 2015

by Christopher Seelie

Shadows lurk, jealousy seethes, plants talk and seeds grow in 16 time Best-of-Fest award winner, Gemma Wilcox’s Shadows in Bloom. Returning for her sixth Rogue Fest with her Hit Show that Sold-Out in 2010, this comedy-drama of the life and subconscious of a young woman on the edge of her independence is sure to touch audiences to the core.