Sandra Levy Ceren

Medication Side Effects, Reliability, Validity & Costs

by Sandra Levy Ceren, Ph.D.

A woman worried about falling asleep had taken a highly advertised sleep medication after embarking on an overseas business trip. Seated in first class, she had awakened shocked and embarrassed to find herself sprawled, clutching hands with a sleeping stranger—a male passenger reclining next to her. Her clothes were in disarray—panties on the floor, bra open. She had no memory of anything that happened after she had swallowed the medication.

Sweet Revenge: An Original Mystery Short Story

by Sandra Levy Ceren

A high quality museum reproduction, I thought staring at a familiar object in a locked case in the antique store, a new Mecca for rare international art objects. I had painstakingly studied and catalogued an exact duplicate of the artifact for the New York Metropolitan Museum ten years ago--an unforgettable time for me as assistant to the curator with whom I had fallen in love.