Why a Celebrity Crime Novel?

by Mar Preston

By Accident may be my last police procedural crime novel set in Southern California. Moving back home to Canada, specifically Ottawa, Ontario, I can’t hear the shush of the ocean waves on Santa Monica Beach any longer, or the buzz of traffic on Wilshire Boulevard, or the crowds on the Pier.

Face to Face with History

by E.C. Ambrose

Until I started writing The King of Next Week, my historical research focused on the medieval period: surgery during the fourteenth century in Europe, clockworks in China during the Mongol invasions, references to werewolves in eleventh century Wales. But during a visit to Phippsburg, Maine, to give a talk about writing, I became intrigued by the history of the area.

UC Kearney: Hometown Cutting-Edge Research

by Diana Bulls

In the heart of Fresno County’s prime agricultural region sits Kearney, a world-renown research facility owned by the University of California. The largest of nine off-campus research and extension centers, Kearney has been the base for cutting-edge research for 45 years, helping San Joaquin Valley agriculture become a $16 billion industry.