The Final Blab by DJ Reimer–RHS Happenings As the School Year Comes To An End

by D.J. Reimer

My final prom took place on April 27 at the Grand Hotel in Fresno. This years' prom saw one of the greatest ticket sales in RHS history (over 500). The theme was Lucky 13 and the luxurious hotel was decorated with red and black and included a comfortable upstairs region with poker tables and photographs. The dance floor was crowded, exactly as it should be! I was nominated for prom king and I was crowned king alongside my close friend Avery Perez! We danced a lovely dance serenaded by Joseph Ham singing a Sinatra song, and the 500 plus students seemed completely satisfied. Mission accomplished.

Memories of Prom 2011

by KRL teens

This year, being a Drama kid and Drama club President, I was so excited when they announced the theme was “Old Hollywood”. Soon it went around campus that all the chaperones were going to be dressed up as “Old Hollywood” actors and actresses. I knew that Prom would be a night to remember. My friends and I planned the whole night, getting ready, dinner, and who was going to drive. We were so excited.