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Peter DiChellis

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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by Peter DiChellis

A hit and run at 45 mph delivers brutal violence to a pedestrian. First, the penetrating impact of the fast-moving front bumper forces the victim upward, over the hood, to skull-crack into the windshield, causing grim head and neck injuries. Then the unfortunate wretch crashes across the speeding vehicle’s metal roof, slams hard off the trunk and takes a final bone-breaking plunge onto the roadway asphalt. Exactly what happened to Debbie Fulsen that night?


by Peter DiChellis

Olivia felt sick with worry. Something awful had happened. She just didn’t know what.
She’d called the police. Oh, what they must have thought of her. A lonely old woman in a wheelchair, imagining the worst. Kidnapping or murder. Or at least a horrible accident for goodness sakes! All because her dear friend, Ted Strosen, was missing.


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