Murder She Wrote

The Art of The Real Tom Sawyer

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This week I am thrilled to be interviewing the wonderful Thomas B. Sawyer about his new book The Art of The Real Tom Sawyer. Many mystery fans know Tom from his work on Murder She Wrote and his mystery novels, but did you know he was also an artist/illustrator? He even worked with Stan Lee! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Debonair in Death: Murder She Wrote By Jessica Fletcher and Terrie Farley Moran/Review/Giveaway

by Sandra Murphy

Nelson Penzell is co-owner of the former This and That Shop, now renamed. His merchandise is high end while his partner deals in souvenirs for tourists. Or so Nelson says. He’s got a reputation as a womanizer, too. It’s no surprise when he’s found murdered. The shocker is Coreen, the manicurist at the beauty shop Jessica goes to, is the main and only suspect just because she was on the scene, covered in blood and holding the murder weapon.

Even More Christmas Mysteries For Holiday Reading

by Sandra Murphy &
Cynthia Chow

This week we have another group of Christmas mysteries for holiday reading-Candy Cane Crime: Amish Candy Shop Mystery by Amanda Flower, Gingerdead Man: A Five-Ingredient Mystery by Maya Corrigan, Murder She Wrote: Murder in Season by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land, andA Whisker of a Doubt: A Cat Café Mystery by Cate Conte.

Mysteries For Your Summer Reading

by Sandra Murphy

This week we have another catch up group of mysteries perfect for your summer reading-Death by Auction: An Abby McCree Mystery by Alexis Morgan, Marshmallow Malice: Amish Candy Shop Mystery by Amanda Flower, Murder She Wrote The Murder of Twelve by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land, And the Killer Is… A Savannah Reid Mystery by G. A. McKevett, and Antiques Fire Sale: A Trash ‘n’ Treasures Mystery by Barbara Allan.

End of Year Mystery Catch Up!

by Sandra Murphy

There are so many wonderful mystery novels out there we constantly find ourselves playing catch-up with our reviews, so here we are again with a great group of mysteries to end out out the year! We have City of Secrets: Counterfeit Lady series by Victoria Thompson, Cut to the Chaise: Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mystery by Karen Rose Smith, Harvest of Secrets: Wine Country Mystery by Ellen Crosby, Just Plain Murder: An Amish Mystery by Laura Bradford, Murder, She Wrote: Manuscript for Murder by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land, and Death and Daisies: A Magic Garden Mystery by Amanda Flower.

The Adventures of the REAL Tom Sawyer By Tom Sawyer: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I am a HUGE fan of Murder She Wrote! The show even inspired me to become a mystery writer myself. So when I first met Tom Sawyer at a mystery conference--who not only wrote for the show but later became its show runner-I was so excited! Through the years we have remained in touch, so when he contacted me about reviewing his new memoir I was thrilled and couldn't wait to read it! I had no idea how interesting his life was way before he ever ended up on the set of Murder She Wrote.

October Penguin Mysteries: Magical Cats, Ghosts & More

by Sandra Murphy

This week we have a perfect group of Penguin mysteries to end the Halloween month-Faux Paw: A Magical Cats Mystery by Sofie Kelly, Murder She Wrote: The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain and Renee Paley-Bain, Parchment and Old Lace by Laura Childs with Terrie Farley Moran, and Just Killing Time by Julianne Holmes. Details at the end of this post on how to win copies of all 4 books, and a link to purchase them.