Best social media platforms in 2022

by Staff

In the last 10 years, social media platforms have changed rapidly. Initially, Facebook was the most popular social media platform but has since declined in popularity due to privacy concerns and changes in its algorithm that favors engagement over good quality content. Instagram has become the most popular social media platform with Snapchat following close behind. Both of these apps are much more focused on visuals as opposed to text and this makes them more attractive to users who prefer to share their lives visually.

Stephanie DuBois is All About Life, Art, Business, & Entertainment

by Steven Sanchez

Life, Art, Business, & Entertainment is the motto that defines the local startup marketing agency, The Method. It’s run by Stephanie DuBois, the licensed hairstylist of sixteen years who formerly owned the salon, The Paint Room, which unfortunately went under due to the pandemic. Having seen and lived through the year where businesses and people struggled because of the lockdown, she took the initiative to switch to a passion she’d always wanted to pursue which was public relations. With that drive, she wanted to help local businesses, big/small/local/independent, by expanding their social media presence and have them get involved with in-person events to drive their brand and generate profit.

Video Tour Of Marketing Plus

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Recently Kings River Life took a video tour of the brand new offices of Marketing Plus, a long time marketing agency in Fresno that has a lot of connections to local theatre and a fun staff whom you get to meet many of in the video as well! We are sharing that video with you this week as a teaser to a full article coming out the end of this month. Check out this fun video tour, which includes a peek into their new venue space the Art Box.