Lone Star Westie Rescue

Maggie & Molly

by Lee Juslin

Maggie and Molly are a bonded pair of miniature Schnauzers. When their humans were no longer able to care for them, they landed in a shelter. The shelter adopted them to a family, but, sadly, the adoption did not work out, and the two pups were returned to the shelter through no fault of their own. The adopters had just lost two dogs, and were simply not ready to adopt. Fortunately, for these two girls, the shelter, thinking they were Westies, then called Elizabeth of Lone Star Westie Rescue, a 501c3, all volunteer rescue. Elizabeth took them in to rescue even though she knew they were not Westies.

Snoopy: A Lover, Not a Fighter

by Lee Juslin

Snoopy is an eight-year-old Westie that was turned in by his owners and is now safely with Lone Star Westie Rescue. Taller and leaner than the Westie standard and weighing about twenty pounds, his foster mom, Kim, nevertheless feels he is a purebred Westie. She does think he was taken from his mom too soon as he suckles on his toys.

The Rewards of Adopting a Senior

by Lee Juslin

Many senior dogs come into shelters or rescues because their owners have become ill or have died. Some are simply cruelly discarded from the only home they have ever known because they have committed the sin of getting old, and their families can’t be bothered carrying through on the bargain all dog parents make, or should make, when taking on a canine companion, i.e. to care for them throughout their lives.



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