Linda Reid

Mysterious Circumstances? Elementary, My Dear Spock

by Linda Reid/YS Pascal

Went to see a lovely play at the Geffen last week, Mysterious Circumstances, starring Alan Tudyk as Richard Green and…Sherlock Holmes. One scene especially resonated with me, as Holmes scholar Green is shaken by the sudden rejection and ejection from his fandom by Dame Jean Conan Doyle, sir Arthur’s youngest daughter and heir. Memories abounded…turning the page back to 1983…

A Second Chance: An Original Mystery Short Story

by Linda Reid

The dreams blanketed Helen with increasing frequency. Aunt Mollie was one of the first, then Bella, then Olga, one by one in the order of their death. When the welcoming arms reaching out of the brightly lit doorway became her mother’s, Helen struggled to turn away, waking up shivering in the darkness of the bedroom she had once shared with her beloved husband.