L. Nicol Cabe

Rogue Show Preview: Klondike Kate’s Sourdough Reunion Show

by Nat Vickers

At one point in history, almost every major North American city boasted a Pantages theatre, a lavish affair that featured the best of touring theatre and Vaudeville. The empire of theatres was built, in name, by magnate Alexander Pantages, a Greek immigrant who had ostensibly struck it rich in the Klondike gold rush, and returned south able to fulfill his lifelong dream of being an artist. But…that wasn’t the whole story.

Rogue Performer Preview: One Tech Singularity Sensation

by L. Nicol Cabe

I spend a lot of time thinking about what the future will be like. I don’t like to point fingers and say things like “In times like these!” but, well … the news cycle in the United States, the dramatic political, ecological, and social changes across the rest of the world, and deeper understanding about how our physical health relates to our environment do, I think, make all of us wonder about the future. Sometimes, we look forward with awe at our ingenuity, and sometimes, we look forward in fear.