Kings Canyon Unified School District

Orange Cove High School Teacher Alana Woodin

by Jim Mulligan

About eight years ago, while finishing up a ministry training in Mozambique (yes, the Mozambique in Africa), Alana Woodin felt called to live and work in Orange Cove (yes, our Orange Cove). The fact that Orange Cove was where she felt called to work and live is really no more surprising than if she had been called to go to Reedley, Selma, or Wichita, Kansas. Once one learns a little about Woodin, when one understands her core values, and when one hears about her life experiences, it is not so surprising that Orange Cove and its youth not only called but likely screamed out to her as the next stop on her journey of faith and life.

KCUSD Teacher Spotlight: Kirby Kauk

by Jim Mulligan

If you love the settings of movies like The Horse Whisperer or A River Runs Through It, you have likely dreamt of living in the wilds of one of the most beautiful states in the U.S.A.: Big Sky Country—Montana. At least during the summer months, it seems like an idyllic place to live, be a kid, and experience rural life to the fullest. No one would argue that growing up in suburban towns, urban centers, and even the mega metropolis of a place like New York City don’t give folks these unique opportunities and perspectives.

Local Teacher Profile: Reedley High School Teacher Kathryn Connolly

by Asami Nelson

The foundation of all life on Earth derives from subatomic particles that form molecules and compounds, which then combine with others to form cells, organs, and organisms. This branch of science can be tricky to understand and more complicated to apply in real life, but chemistry and biology teacher Kathryn Connolly helps students comprehend the aspects of molecular and biological chemistry.

RHS Counselor Profile: Hector Chapa

by Brissa Reyes

We have a lot of appreciation for the people who guide us students on the path to success. Whatever the choice after high school, counselors make sure we have the necessary tools and preparation to take on whichever path we choose.

What is Kings Canyon High School?

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Even as a life long resident of Reedley, CA and a member of the media, there are things in Reedley that I am not aware of. Earlier this year I was approached by someone about doing an article about Kings Canyon High School (KCHS) and set out to find out exactly what KCHS was because I honestly had no idea. This led me to my interview with Randy Bessey, Ed.D., Program Administrator at KCHS which I am sharing with you today! I am glad I went on this journey to learn more and hope you will go on it with me now--you won't regret it!

Reedley High School Graduation 2017

by Cameron Calvillo

That day, the seniors arrived at the school at eight o’clock to rehearse the ceremony. That night, at eight o’clock, they walked down the football field in green and white gowns, in the presence of over five thousand family and friends. There was a lot of happy and sad tears before and after the ceremony.

Academic Decathlon Team At Reedley High

by Cameron Calvillo

“Every morning I arrive at RHS at 6:40 a.m., and have the opportunity to coach and mentor some of the most savvy and skillful students on campus.” Those are the words of Amber Hunt, a French teacher at Reedley High; she is also Reedley’s Academic Decathlon coach. You heard her. Six-forty a.m. every day, and the students aren’t far behind. Their long day begins at 7:00 a.m.