JJ Abrams

Believe: TV Review

by Chris Lovato

In a society with doomsday prophecies, fortune tellers, and alien abduction, one might find it hard to think that there’s something else out there, but in the world of Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity), that’s all about to change. Cuarón has teamed up with renowned producer J.J. Abrams and NBC to bring us the mid-season premiere of Believe.

Almost Human: TV Review

by Jesus Ibarra

From the creators of Fringe, comes Almost Human a show set in 2048 where science and technology has advanced so far that crime has risen to unmanageable rates, forcing police officers to be paired up with lifelike combat androids. Part police drama and part science fiction, Almost Human stars Karl Urban as a gruff Detective John Kennex, who is forced to pair up with a discontinued model of androids who were created to be as human as possible and known as DRN’s. Michael Ealy has the incredibly hard job of portraying Kennex’s android partner, Dorian.

Out with the old…In with the Pirates, Period Pieces and Paranormal: TV in 2014

by Deborah Harter Williams

2013 was the year of binge streaming. In the past twelve months we crested the hill and coasted into time shifting, streaming, binge-watching and mobile viewing as day-to-day options for the masses. Not only can we see the latest and preview the upcoming but we can go back in time and revisit series from other eras – whether on TVLand or via Hulu, Amazon et al.

Star Trek Into Darkness: Movie Review

by Lorie Lewis Ham

As a proud Trekkie, with each new Star Trek movie I am filled with excitement and yet concern. Will they do this cult favorite that has literally been a part of my life since birth, justice? (Star Trek and I were born in the same year). Well JJ Abrams has done it again! Into Darkness continues to breathe new life into this reboot of the Star Trek stories. It not only remains true to the original characters and world, but adds to it.

Person of Interest–You are being watched. And so is this series

by Deborah Harter Williams

The Premise: Each episode begins with “You are being watched. The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.” And that’s the good news. The premise of the series is essentially two men and a machine. The machine, designed by Mr. Finch, conducts elaborate and intrusive electronic monitoring of millions of people in order to protect the United States from terrorist attack. And it works.