James Bond

Spectre: Movie Review

by Laura Sidsworth

Sam Mendes (American Beauty), who also directed 2012's Skyfall, does a wonderful job with the opening scene. The Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) parade through the City of Mexico is nothing short of dazzling. The energy and palpable power that Daniel Craig exudes is exactly as a Bond movie should be. Even the opening credits, replete with the Octopus' smoky dark ink swirling about as the feminine forms' hair, are ingenious cinematic art.

Skyfall: Movie Review

by Roy Runnels

Four years after Quantum of Solace, Bond is finally back and Daniel Craig once again nails the role. Casino Royale looked like it would be the strongest of the new Bond movies, but Skyfall manages to rip away that title rather easily. Skyfall not only improves upon the new Bond movies in just about every single way, but it also brings back familiar traits from some of the older movies. Expect to see a gadget or two (along with the return of Q) and one incredibly memorable villain, something the previous two movies lacked.