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by Mark Redwine

Almost everything has changed for asylum seekers since I last posted to KRL… and not for the better. The largest change has been the implementation of MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols), AKA the “Return to Mexico” policy, which made its way to Brownsville in July of this year.


Tales From the Border: The Camp


FROM THE 2019 Articles,
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andTales of Diversity

by Mark Redwine

I took today off. This part of the border has drawn international attention since the picture of the young father and his toddler daughter with her arm wrapped around his neck, who drowned together while attempting to cross the Rio Grande river, hit the news feed. Frankly, I don’t want to see any more pictures of dead children.


by Wasan Abu-Baker

Whether it be wildfires, floods, or hurricanes, the road to recovery is long, and there are many ways people can help the thousands whose lives have been devastated. It’s been three months since Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the coast of Texas, leaving many evacuees displaced due to flooding. This disaster has been the source of a lot of pain, but it has also been the source of many heartwarming stories.


by Wasan Abu-Baker

Malak is a five-year-old girl who was born in Aleppo in Syria in 2010. A few months before the war in Syria started, her mom Iman and dad Saeed had a big celebration when she was born. Malak means ‘Angel’ in Arabic. Iman named her Malak after her aunt Malak because she wanted her to carry her name and be as her aunt.


by Wasan Abu-Baker

Every child has the right to a healthy and peaceful future. Wars damage the dreams for those children who suffer hunger, poverty, pain, and trauma. They have seen their friends and families die, and their schools, houses, and hospitals destroyed. This pain will last a lifetime and will have an impact on the children that is hard to predict.

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by Wasan Abu-Baker

Fresno women have many stories of success and accomplishments in 2016. The women of Fresno as teachers, doctors, dentists, engineers, students, professors, mothers, sisters, community organizers, politicians, artists, cooks, writers, journalists, principles, and pharmacists came out to celebrate those accomplishments on March 8, International Women’s Day.


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