Trans-Siberian Orchestra Rings in the Holiday Season at Save Mart Center

by Steven Sanchez

Thrilling. Exciting. Electric. Bewildering. Amazing. These are just a few adjectives I could conjure up when witnessing the spectacle before my eyes that was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra performing at the Save Mart Center on December 1. The heavy metal/theatrical/operatic hybrid musical act is primarily known for the single, “Christmas Eve / Sarajevo,” which has become a staple of holiday radio for it thunderous guitars with the melodic string accompaniment that’s filled with Christmas joy.

Celebrating The Month of Ramadan in Fresno

by Wasan Abu-Baker

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is a period of prayer, fasting, charity-giving, and self–accountability for Muslims around the world. The first verses of the Quran were revealed to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during the last third of the month of Ramadan making this an especially holy period during the month. Ramadan is also a month of community and socializing, as Muslims gather in the evenings to share in fast-breaking meals which are called Iftar.

Holiday Cooking With The Grandkids

by Irene Morse

Rising before dawn on Thanksgiving morning, putting a turkey in the oven and then preparing mashed potatoes, dressing, side dishes, desserts, etc. is just no longer a logical game plan for me. Just as my stamina has begun to wane, my family has begun to grow exponentially and more of the food needs to be pre-prepared a day or two ahead of time. Even at that, a sous chef is an invaluable gift.

Yuletide Ideas for Organizing a Holiday Fair No One Will Forget

by Aileen Pablo

The holiday season is upon us once again, and if you are organizing a holiday fair or other themed event, now would be the time to start planning and prepping. Whether you’re looking to raise funds for a specific cause or just encourage active community participation during this special time of year, the following tips will help you to make your event memorable.