Hit and Run

Hit and Run: By Sandra Balzo, A Thanksgiving Mystery

by Cynthia Chow

If Dickens Hart intended to get himself murdered, he couldn’t have planned better than to invite his possible progeny, and their mothers, to spend Thanksgiving weekend with him. Notorious for being an unapologetic, and exceedingly wealthy, Lothario, who often dallied amidst the "fawns" of his Playboy-like gentleman’s club, Dickens has an extensive Black Book list recording his affairs. This wouldn't be a problem for former Wisconsin reporter AnnaLise Griggs, if she hadn't just taken the distasteful but very well-paying job of writing Dickens' memoir. Well, that and also recently discovering that she herself is the first, so far, declared illegitimate daughter and legitimate heir of Dickens Hart.

Hit and Run: Movie Review

by Jesus Ibarra

Dax Shepard (Parenthood) and Kristin Bell star in this sort of indie flick that got a pretty wide release and has some of the best star cameos I have seen in years. A former getaway driver for a gang that used to rob banks leaves the Witness Protection program to help his girlfriend get a new job in LA, while avoiding the former gang he helped put away.