Gretchen Archer

Double Wide By Gretchen Archer: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& Gretchen Archer

As Bellissimo Resort and Casino’s covert security agent and frequent celebrity body double for the self-centered and vain Bianca Sanders, Davis Way Cole often finds herself in absurd and dangerous situations. Being stuffed in a motorhome basement is a first though, especially since she has also been “adultnapped” with her fellow operative Fantasy Erb and an extremely eccentric golf caddy named Mango Matisse. While Davis initially assumes that she has mistakenly been taken in place of the billionaire’s wife Bianca, information arduously pulled from the trivia-spouting Mango quickly proves otherwise.

Double Up By Gretchen Archer: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

What should have been one of the best times in Davis Way Cole’s life had become the absolute worst. Instead of celebrating the birth of her twin baby girls Bexley and Quinn, Davis is frantic over the survival of Biloxi’s Bellissimo Resort and Casino. A new competing Blitz resort, constructed virtually next door, has decimated Bellissimo’s business and forced them to cut their staff nearly in half.

Double Knot By Gretchen Archer: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

An undercover super secret spy for the Biloxi Bellissimo Resort and Casino, Davis Way Cole, is finding that even her stellar skills are challenged by being six months pregnant with twins. It's a condition that is convenient for her secondary, but just as crucial, assignment as the stand-in for Bianca Casimiro Sanders. Bianca is not handling her own pregnancy gracefully, and as a result Davis will be modeling as Bianca on board the MS Probability, a luxurious half-billion-dollar yacht catering to fifty of the wealthiest gamblers in the world.

Double Mint: A Davis Way Crime Caper By Gretchen Archer

by Cyntha Chow

Blame the Hello Kitty cake. As Davis Way sees it, the bridal confection (paired with the groom’s Minecraft cake) was the final straw that pushed an infuriated mother-of-the-groom into laying a beat-down on the Bellissimo’s special events coordinator Holder Darby. With Holder emphatically resigning, Davis was forced into stepping in to manage the numerous conventions, weddings, reunions, and conferences that support the Bellissimo Resort and Casino during the very hot Mississippi summer season.

Double Strike By Gretchen Archer

by Cynthia Chow

After three years as secret security at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino, Davis Way is accustomed to handling daily chaotic crises that often have her don wigs, contact lenses, and inappropriate outfits. This is in addition to her secondary job as the lookalike stand-in for Bianca Casimiro Sanders, the owner’s wife. Bianca delegates unappealing duties to Davis, such as boring media events, charity dinners, and meetings with her son’s school board. Davis is less prepared for her own impending wedding to attorney Bradley Cole. The situation resolves itself when the ceremony is cancelled due to Bianca’s dog pool-related construction fire. The fact that Davis just learned that she is still married to her ex-ex-husband (she made the same mistake twice) is a somewhat more alarming.