Season of the Ghost: The Ghosthropology Podcast

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

As Halloween approaches in a flurry of fiery leaves and gathering gloom, the cold air crackles in the shivery wake of Autumn and her restless spirits. The Season of the Ghost is upon us, and Central Valley podcast Ghosthropology, hosted by folklorist Matthew Armstrong and produced by his wife Kaylia Metcalfe, is here to tell you a ghost story.

The Ghost and the Stolen Tears By Cleo Coyle: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& Cleo Coyle

It’s been several years since Penelope Thornton-McClure moved back to her hometown of Quindicott, Rhode Island, to help her Aunt Sadie run their Buy the Book shop, and with Pen’s publishing experience they have expanded the store physically while increasing their sales online. No small part of their success has been the seasonal Fall help of the nomadic Norma Stanton, who has a gift of being a book-whisperer able to find the perfect book for a customer’s needs.

Dewey Decimated A Haunted Library Mystery By Allison Brook: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Sandra Murphy

Carrie manages the special programs at the public library. In addition, only she and her young niece can see Evelyn, the resident ghost, a former librarian. She’s been caught up in a few murder investigations, but she’s done with that and focusing on newer, better programs for library patrons and her recent engagement to Dylan.

She Walks Two Rivers: La Llorona of the Kings & the San Joaquin

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

Threading the digital byways of paranormal blogs and websites, ghostly urban legends spring up with surprising regularity. And for every alleged supernatural encounter, there is a Woman in White—or a Vanishing Hitchhiker. These legends linger and mingle in the comments of anonymous storytellers around a virtual campfire, blurring the boundaries of fact and fiction, life and death.

Trouble Restored: Trouble Cat Mystery By Carolyn Haines: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& Carolyn Haines

Following the death of her uncle Samuel, Tommy Sykes finds herself the unexpected heir of the historical Loftus Manor in Wetumpka, Alabama. The beautiful money-pit requires extensive upkeep and renovations, which is why Tommy is hiring a pair of HGTV stars to help her remodel her manor into an income-generating inn. Handsome, but unsociable, handyman Harley Jones hates the idea of change, but even he has to admit that an inn is preferable to it being sold, torn down, and replaced by a subdivision.



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