Valley Animal Center: Tim and Tom

by Vanessa Villanueva

Tim and Tom are two of the many adult cats available for adoption at Valley Animal Center. They have both been in our care for a few years. Unfortunately they have not found their forever home because they are often overlooked since they are positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

Testing for Life: Threatening Diseases For Cats

by Cherry Mattias, DVM

The questions we ask during every feline examination in our feline-only practice are “When was the last time your cat was tested for FELV/FIV?” and “What was the result?” It is necessary to know this status in order to optimize the care and management our patient’s health. The alphabet soup of feline disease can be confusing for the client. In this series of articles I will attempt to explain the reasons for testing. I will start with the two most common, life-threatening infectious diseases. I will explain certain terms as I go along in an attempt to make things clear.

VAC Column: FIV+ Cats Like Tim Can Make Great Pets

by Jackie Fleming

If you want to adopt one of the most sweet and loving cats, look no further than Tim, the Valley Animal Center’s FIV+ kitty mascot. Tim is two years old and came to Valley Animal Center from a local animal control shelter. He is FIV+, which means that he has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. The virus is slow-acting and suppresses the cat’s immune system.