E.B. Davis

The Christmas Cookie Conviction: A Christmas Mystery Short Story

by E. B. Davis

The corpse sat upright on the sofa, his feet on the floor. If his head hadn’t sunk into his chest, he could have entertained guests. Maybe he had. A red, white, and green flannel shirt topped his tan cords. He looked middle-aged. A red Santa hat, its tip accentuated by a white pompom, covered his head. He didn’t look merry. Signs of gastric distress were apparent on the carpet at his feet. The outstretched fingers of his right hand covered his stomach.

Torture Twist: A Mystery Short Story

by E. B. Davis

“Is that the guy?” Sheriff Jones asked.
Anna stabilized her elbows on the ground between the grass stalks. She peered into the binoculars. The mask, his height, and clothes were identical. He appeared to work something with his hands. She remembered the horror of waking, being chained—the metal cutting her skin. Her torture-wounds healed, but her soul twisted. Would she ever feel safe?

The Christmas Present: A Supernatural Christmas Mystery Short Story

by E. B. Davis

Unlike most men, I knew what to get my wife, Janet, for Christmas: a new husband. The gift wouldn’t have made her a bigamist since I died two years ago. Janet deserved a great life and a reliable companion to share her years. None of my shopping has resulted in a gift to wrap, though that may have been due to my mixed feelings.