50/50: Movie Review

by Lorie Lewis Ham

50/50 is the story of a 27-year-old man diagnosed with cancer and his struggle to beat it. Based on a true story, the screenplay is loosely based on the life of comedy writer Will Reiser, friend and frequent co-writer of the film's co-lead, Seth Rogen. You had better be prepared to laugh and cry if you go see this one.

Of Mice and Men On Stage in Visalia

by Nancy Holley

Of Mice and Men is a slice of California’s history. Set in an agricultural area, the play is “a character study based in 1937 that relates to today, particularly with the current recession,” says director Richard Morrill. Steinbeck created characters that evolve through many levels and transitions. According to Morrill, each audience member will take away a personal message; no one will leave the theater untouched.



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