DP Lyle

Who Are Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy?

by D.P. Lyle

One-year-old Harper McCoy was purchased from her Cherokee alcoholic mother for a few hundred dollars and a bottle of whiskey by a gypsy-like group. Around the same time, Bobby Cain, abandoned in a Houston train station at two-months of age, was snatched up by the same itinerate band. They fell under the tutelage of a couple they called Uncle Al and Aunt Dixie and from these two and the other members of the clan learned to hunt, fish, and live off the land. And more.

Jake Gets Around

by DP Lyle

Location, location, location.
True in real estate, true in storytelling. Where you set your story dictates everything. The area’s geography, weather, and local populace will alter buildings, businesses, traffic, and the sophistication of police and medical services, as well as the dress, occupations, leisure activities, and, perhaps most importantly, the dialog and speech patterns of the characters. And so many other aspects of your story.

Why P.I.s Are Cool

by DP Lyle

Cops are cool, and memorable fictional characters, but P.I.s seem to come in more variable and quirkier flavors. From ex-military types to everyday folks with a knack for sniffing out wrongdoing to little old ladies with cats. The latter tend to be the smartest and toughest. This wide variety is what makes reading P.I. stories fun. Private investigators, both licensed and amateur, tend to be more eccentric, possess different skills (some useful, others less so), and seem to break the rules with impunity. How much fun is that?

Deep Six By D. P. Lyle: Review/Giveaway

by Sandra Murphy

Jake Longley was a pro ball player but now owns a bar on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The work isn’t hard, in fact, it’s almost non-existent, thanks to his right-hand gal, Carla. Jake’s dad, Ray, is a private investigator. He lives a much more structured lifestyle, one that Jake wants no part of. On the other hand, a little surveillance job wouldn’t put him out, as long as that’s all it is.