Date With Death

The Fog Ladies Date with Death By Susan McCormick: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by J. Landon

Six women of varying ages, Enid, Harriet, Alma, Olivia, France, and Sarah, make up the Fog Ladies, a moniker they adopted in honor of their hometown of San Francisco. The Ladies are retirement age, with the exception of Sarah, who is in her thirties and about to embark on a GI residency. Sarah is part of the Fog Ladies, as she lives in the same high-rise old apartment building. It has just as much personality as the Ladies.

Date with Death By Julia Chapman: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Cynthia Chow

It was sadly ironic that just as Delilah Metcalfe launched the online Dales Dating Agency, her marriage collapsed and her husband filed for divorce. A former website designer, Delilah’s mortgage and flailing businesses have her sinking towards insolvency and in danger of losing it all. A sympathetic bank manager, her Uncle Wooly, grants Delilah the grace period of six months to prove that DDA’s new speed-dating events are the ticket to new clients and a profitable business. Delilah is certain that even in tiny Bruncliffe, England, lonely villagers are more than ready to find true their love.