Mystery Coming Attractions: November 2023

by Shawn Stevens

Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner, and as temperatures begin to dip, our cozy sweaters come out from hibernation, and the allure of curling up with a good book grows stronger. This November, why not indulge your love for reading by exploring these latest releases? Find that perfect spot to kick up your feet, unwind, and immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds waiting within the pages of these November treasures.

Around the World in 80 Detectives

by Ian Moore

Not long after the French language translation of Death and Croissants was released, I was asked to attend a salon de polar, a festival of the ‘whodunnit’, here in rural France. Actually, I was asked not just to attend but to deliver a lecture on what constitutes a ‘cosy crime’ novel, the genre still being quite unheard of here. They wanted an expert’s opinion. Unfortunately, no expert was available, so they got me instead and in my poorly accented French – I did warn them that they could have the right words or a good accent, but that the event of both occurring at the same was unlikely – I gave them some rules.

Tough As Nails Cozy Mystery Leads

by Olivia Blacke

When you think of the main character of a cozy mystery, what springs to mind? Baking cookies? Knitting sweaters? Organizing book shelves? Sweet, sometimes older, civilians that always follow the speed limit?
Well, yeah!
And that’s exactly why it’s so impressive that these amateur sleuths are tough as nails.

Sleuthing Women: 10 First-in-Series Mysteries

by Lois Winston

Back when I penned my first novel at the end of the last century, I thought that being an author meant sitting at my desk writing books. I also thought it was the publisher’s job to promote those books so that we both made money. Silly me! Once upon a time that was true, but by the time I sold my first book, publishers had abdicated this responsibility for all but a handful of their authors. Promotional efforts had become the responsibility of authors.

Four Penguin Cozies For Your Winter Reading Fun: Reviews/Giveaways

by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

Trudi Hargrave is the woman you love to hate. She’s pushy, totally out for herself only, and, unfortunately, the tourism director for Briar Creek. She’s got the idea that Captain Kidd’s treasure is buried on one of the hundred islands -most uninhabited- and thinks a treasure hunt would bring fame and fortune to town. Residents complicate things—plus treasure hunters, tourists and logjams of traffic compound her problems.

Pumped for Murder by Elaine Viets: Book Review

by Terell Byrd

I asked for this book to review. Well, all right, there was some begging and whining involved. I really wanted to read this novel – I spent more than my share of time in dead-end jobs in my college days and I was fascinated by the concept of a private investigator who takes dead-end jobs to gather information. People in the bottom jobs often know a great deal about what is going on. Agatha Christie used the principle, on more than one occasion that servants, waiters, cleaners and other people who provide small services can get away with murder because no one notices them.