Colonel Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue

A Big Bark in a Small Body

by Lee Juslin

A friendly, mixed-breed girl, Christina, Tina to her friends, was living a good life with an older couple who loved her very much. Sadly, her humans got to the point where they needed to downsize and decided to sell their home and move to a mobile home park. In addition, Tina, as a young active girl, was just too much dog for the aging couple, and, with no yard to run in, they knew she would not be happy in the new home. Tina’s humans tried to re-home her with friends but could not find the right new home for her. They decided to list Tina as free to a good home on social media.

Long Distance Puppy Love: An Animal Rescue Story

by Lee Juslin

Laura lives in Ohio. The rescued puppy was in Texas. Laura’s friends thought she was nuts. After all, she had several dogs and if she did need another one, surely she could find one in the same state! I didn’t care where she was, said Laura. I just knew I had to have her. I saw her picture on the rescue site, and I fell in love.

Merryn and the Pizza Box: An Animal Rescue Story

by Lee Juslin

Merryn, a dark brindle Toto-like Cairn, was turned into Colonel Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue by her owner. Her owner deemed her aggressive to other dogs. But, as it turned out, her real problem was that she had been kept outside for her entire eight years with little human interaction, attention, or love.



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