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Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue

by Lee Juslin

Turbo came into Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue (CCBTR) as a puppy with Spina Bifida, a genetic defect.
A woman went to a breeder to buy a Boston Terrier puppy and saw Turbo. The breeder did not want to euthanize him and agreed to give him to the woman along with the female puppy she had purchased. Fortunately for Turbo, this good Samaritan, unlike the breeder, was a responsible person and did the right thing for Turbo. She called CCBTR once she realized she and her husband were not able to care for this little special needs puppy.


by Lee Juslin

One day Roberta from Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue (CCBTR) got a call that turned into the situation all rescue volunteers dread.
The call came from the caretaker to an elderly woman with two dogs and three cats. Her health was failing and she was going into a nursing home.

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by Lee Juslin

The aim for every breed rescue organization is to find that perfect forever home for each dog they rescue and save. And, these all volunteer groups work hard to do just that by actively marketing each dog through their website, on sites like petfinder.com, and through community outreach.


by Lee Juslin

Chloe, a five-year-old Boston Terrier, was an owner turn-in to Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue. She had suffered a bad fall in her owner’s yard and required a lot of veterinary care. The owner, as is too often the case, was unable to pay for Chloe’s care.


Guiding the Way to a Forever Home


FROM THE 2013 Articles,
andLee Juslin,

by Lee Juslin

When Roberta retired from the Marines after twenty three years of service, she turned her energy and the organizational skills she had honed as a master sergeant to rescuing Boston Terriers.


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