Catwalk: An Animals in Focus Mystery By Sheila Webster Boneham

by Cynthia Chow

When an Indiana developer, the reprehensible bigshot Charles Rasmussen, is murdered on the Dog Dayz agility competition trail, the question isn’t who had a reason to kill him. Truly, it would be amazing to find someone who hadn’t had a confrontation with the abhorrent blusterer. There are ample motives for putting the detestable man out of everyone’s misery. He was abusive to his poor but wealthy wife Louise, put a local store owner out of business after she refused to sell to him and he bought the wetlands area in order to bulldoze it into a shopping center. One of his last acts was to threaten to kill a feral cat’s litter and then assault and have the cat’s rescuer arrested when she trespassed on his property.