Cairn Terriers

Walking Under Ladders: A Dog & Cat Short Story

by Ron Van Sweringen

Buddy woke Mike Williams at four-thirty in the morning, during a cloudburst. The hands on the glow in the dark alarm clock on the nightstand said it was past the point of no return. By the time he let the little Cairn Terrier out, it would be useless trying to go back to sleep. No, like it or not Mike Wilson was up to stay, facing another jobless day.

911 Rescue: A Col. Potter Story

by Lee Juslin

Found and brought to a county shelter by a police officer named Swartz, she huddled in a back corner of her cage with her tail tucked firmly between her legs. The shelter staff was not even sure if she was male or female. Of course she was passed over by every potential adopter and her time was running out.