C.L. Swinney

Far From Routine: Mystery Short Story

by C.L.Swinney

Deputy Sheriff Smith arrived to work carrying his work boots and weathered ballistic vest. His damn locker combination didn’t work and the bastard he couldn’t fathom working with again was standing naked a few lockers down, flaunting his steroid-laden physique. Smith slammed his boots and vest on the floor. “Big deal, I’d still scrape the floor with you,” he muttered a little too loud under his breath.

Gray Ghost By C. L. Swinney: Review/Guest Post/Giveaway

by Sandra Murphy
& C.L. Swinney

Two guys on a fishing trip to the Bahamas sounds like a nice, relaxing holiday. Once Detectives Dix and Peterson find out their guides are missing, presumed dead, things are not so relaxing any more. It seems the guides may have had a little sideline business–running cocaine. Gunshots blew their boat, the Gray Ghost, out of the water and it’s now sitting on the ocean’s bottom with a hundred million dollar’s worth of cocaine still hidden in the hull. Who will get to it first and will they live to tell about it?