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C.A. Fehmel

by Claire A. Murray

The 22 tales in this anthology, although inspired by the songs of the ’60s, don’t all take place in that decade. Some will step you back in time, others contemporary, all evoking the sense of the song or its meaning in tales of theft, robbery, kidnapping, dating, family, and other relationships. From the UK to Canada and the US, these authors crafted stories that range from nostalgic to humorous, but all deadly and inspired by songs whose opening riffs are mostly familiar. If not, pull out your old LPs or CDs or log onto YouTube and have a listen as you read Peace, Love, and Crime: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of the ’60s.


by C.A. Fehmel

I wake disoriented. As consciousness smoothes the wrinkles of my sleep, I remember who I’m with. We’re naked and entangled. Like all fantasies come true, this is more awkward than I imagined. My chin is hooked over Keith’s left shoulder, which probably means my long hair is in his face. Our legs are sandwiched together. We must’ve slept this way for awhile, but now it’s uncomfortable. Some of my hair is caught in my eyelashes and keeps tickling my cheekbone. There’s this itch on the back of my thigh.


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