Bobbi Chukran

Winged Crusader: Fantasy Short Story

by Bobbi A. Chukran

The little girl with the cerulean blue hair peered into the rosebush by the front porch. Because of her hair, which was natural, her grandmother called her "Blue." An avid bird-lover, Blue had heard some peeping noises coming from inside her grandmother's rosebushes the day before, and wanted to check to see if there were any baby birds living there. She knew it was almost Valentine's Day, time for her grandmother to trim the bushes and she didn't want the birds to be harmed.

From Play Scripts to Fiction—and Vice Versa

by Bobbi Chukran

Over my long writing career (over 30 years), I’ve been fortunate enough to publish quite a bit--non-fiction magazine articles, non-fiction books for adults, poetry, early readers for children, a mystery novel (Lone Star Death), personal essays, columns, a handful of short stories and thousands of blog posts. I don’t like being bored, so I do allow myself to periodically branch out and try new things.