Old Tire Swingers: Local Band Profile

by Addam Cogdill

Today we visit with Paul Chesterton of Old Tire Swingers, a bluegrass band hailing from Fresno’s Tower District. Old Tire Swingers are the latest link in an unbroken chain of the living tradition which is folk music. Old Tire Swingers chose to plant roots in blue grass, although they are known to play anything from Journey to Sublime. Their style is mostly old time string band music with touches of country, bluegrass, and Americana. They play originals, traditional American, and cover songs.

Poor Man’s Poison: Band Profile

by Zachariah Zendejas

When it comes to music, I, myself, love different kinds of music, from pop like Lady Gaga, to oldies like Nat King Cole. However, when I was told about Hanford-based band Poor Man’s Poison, I admit to being a bit skeptical, seeing as how their music is a mix of genres from folk to rock. But once I heard their title song It’s Alright from their first album, their sound captured my attention.