First visit to Bangkok: Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel

by Maria Ruiz

While traveling the world for 10 years, my husband and I stayed at low-end budget hotels to keep within our budget. As travelers living on Social Security, we didn’t have money to spend on luxury places. This meant we had a lot of experiences we would have missed if we had stayed only in better hotels. It also meant we met a lot of wonderful people, took local transit, ate from street vendors, and experienced some tummy troubles while traveling. Without these experiences, our 10 years of traveling would not have been as much fun or as educational.

The Hot Countries By Timothy Hallinan: Review/Guest Post/Giveaway

by Theodore Feit
& Tim Hallinan

Continuing the story begun in two previous novels and concluding what the author terms an “informal” trilogy, The Hot Countries conveys more information about Poke Rafferty and his way of life in Bangkok than did the previous six books in the series. At the same time, there’s a deeper and more penetrating look into his friends and attitudes. The novel is more serious, without the author’s customary cynical levity. With good reason.