The Message of P.A.I.N.

by Tom Sims

Pain is a common denominator in the human equation. Everyone suffers it to one extent or another. It is part of our built in warning system that something is wrong in our bodies. Without pain, we are oblivious to information we need to make healthy choices.

A Troubled Teen and a Mother’s Anguish – A Story of Hope

by Liz Stoeckel

On October 3, 2004, seventy-five people gathered in Fresno, California to hold a prayer vigil for a missing 16-year old girl. I’d seen these vigils on the news—pictures of a smiling teenager, Mom begging for information, candles lighting up the night, and volunteers handing out flyers. I wasn’t watching this scene unfold on the 6:00 news, however. The face on the flyer belonged to my daughter.