A Look Back: Updates On Animal Rescue Adventures Of The Past

by Joyce Brandon

I thought it would be fun this month to look back over a year’s worth of articles and give you some updates on a few of my favorite stories. Time doesn’t stand still and neither does rescue. As soon as we finish with one need, the next is waiting; more often than not they overlap. We bury the sad and celebrate the happy: that is how we manage to keep going.

You’ve Been Renned

by Joyce Brandon

I have been involved in animal rescue for four or five years now. I have fostered hundreds of dogs and cats, young and old, small and large, sweet and not so sweet; but, this is the first time I’ve fostered a dog worthy of his own verb. You’ve been renned is a phrase I’ve started using and anyone who knows my foster dog Ren knows exactly what I mean. I am convinced the term renned will be to calamity as Google is to search.