Irene Morse

Other Desert Cities On Stage In Visalia

by Irene Morse

Other Desert Cities, by Jon Robin Baitz, premiered on Broadway in November 2011. A finalist for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize, the story revolves around a family and the disruptive quality of family secrets. Director, Donny Graham, saw the play at the Ahmanson Theatre and was immediately infatuated. His production is now playing at the Ice House Theatre.

The Gin Game Presented By The Visalia Community Players

by Irene Morse

The Visalia Community Players have re-made the lobby of the historic Ice House Theater into a sunlit porch at an assisted living facility. Local theater goers are invited to come down, sit on the brand new and very comfortable lobby-show chairs, and watch Weller Martin and Fonsia Dorsey as they play a few hands of gin and get to know one another.

The Arts Consortium: Art & Music

by Irene Morse

The members of the Arts Consortium are many and varied. They range from organizations whose presence in this area has been felt for many years to individuals and/or groups just embarking on careers or avocations in the arts. Here are two such members.

The Arts Consortium

by Irene Morse

There are many articles and notices about visual and performing arts events happening locally in Tulare County. Most of the articles will have, “Member of the Arts Consortium,” as part of the by-line and some will be accompanied by the logo. It is a mystery to most people, however, just what an arts consortium is.

Holiday Cooking With The Grandkids

by Irene Morse

Rising before dawn on Thanksgiving morning, putting a turkey in the oven and then preparing mashed potatoes, dressing, side dishes, desserts, etc. is just no longer a logical game plan for me. Just as my stamina has begun to wane, my family has begun to grow exponentially and more of the food needs to be pre-prepared a day or two ahead of time. Even at that, a sous chef is an invaluable gift.



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