Tom Sims

Back to School Tips

by Tom Sims

I have good news for you, and I have bad news for you.
Let me tell you the bad news first. In a few days, summer vacation will be over for all the students in the Central Valley. That's the bad news for children who are really enjoying their summer vacations, extra swims, trips to camp, and sleeping late in the morning.

Clovis Culinary Center: A Food Entrepreneur’s Dream Come True

by Tom Sims

Through the years, I have followed and reported on many food entrepreneurs, people with vision, skill, talent, flair, and a great idea. Some have succeeded and some have failed. All have faced similar challenges: location, or buying equipment without having to invest more money than they have for acquisition and maintenance. But what if a common location existed for creating culinary masterpieces with adequate equipment, storage space, support, and 24-hour access?

Hope Now for Youth

by Tom Sims

Roger Minassian was the pastor of a prominent church in Fresno when his heart was deeply touched by the needs of gang members and felons like Vanna In. He stepped down from his position and his secure salary to give his life to kids on the streets of Fresno, California.

How to Beat the Post-Holiday, Foggy Valley, Mid-Winter Blues

by Tom Sims

Maybe they are the blues, and maybe they are the "blah”s. Whatever you call them, there is something about a let-down, a bit of cold, fog cover, and January itself that make the Central Valley the least attractive time of year for many. I almost shunned the opportunity to move here twenty-seven years ago because I came to explore in the mid-winter, specifically, January.