Claire Lang

Chasing Spirits by Ghost Hunter Nick Groff: Book Review/Interview/Giveaway

by Claire Lang

Nick Groff, with the help Jeff Belanger, has a very strong personal voice in Chasing Spirits: The Building Of The Ghost Adventure Crew. In fact such a strong voice that it is easy to imagine hearing him tell you his story. As a reader, I like a good story teller’s voice. When someone is writing their personal stories, it’s nice to “hear” their voice as you read. In spite, or perhaps because, of Nick’s salty language you feel as if his narrative is live. Reading his story is much like sitting at dinner with a friend as he tells you about his day.

My Personal Food Journey: How We Look At Food

by Claire Lang

One of the most important tools I can think of when it comes to changing ones entire nutritional lifestyle is changing how one looks at food. I, like so many others, have always thought of food in the terms of hungry, full, or not hungry. Basically, food was only viewed as something to fill me.

My Personal Food Journey: Corn Syrup

by Claire Lang

Healthy eating. What does that mean anymore? Fat used to be the culprit, then carbohydrates, then calories, now it’s additives. I’m going to go with additives for now. Why? Because it’s the new thing? No; because, as someone who believes in science, it makes the most sense.

My Personal Food Journey

by Claire Lang

I can’t pinpoint exactly when food became my oldest frenemy. I come from the “Clean your plate” club, was a member of the “You can’t have a cookie till you eat all your vegetables” association, and sat on the board of “You’d be so pretty if you weren’t fat” INC.